Melanie Collison

writer, editor, photographer


Physician-assisted death

Changing legislation has fuelled a surge in discussion about physician-assisted death. As I look for writing opportunities related to end of life ethics, care and planning, I’m posting some of the dozens of end-of-life articles I’ve written.

For a number of years I wrote many of the stories for an annual special section in the Edmonton Journal. Among the people I had the wonderful opportunity to interview were some who have a deep commitment to making dying more comfortable, emotionally easier, and even more enlightening.

“It takes a special volunteer to visit a palliative unit, more than continuing care,” says a professional who trains them. One long-time volunteer says, “The key to being a volunteer is being an exceptional listener and remembering it’s not about me, it’s about them. All my service is about them, whether I give them joy, laughter or an ear for them to talk to without being judged.”

In these pdf files of two Journal pages, you’ll meet several exceptional people who help those who are approaching the end of life.

Collison 1a      Collison 1b